Edwin Burdis ‘A Relaxed Affair’

Showed 07/01/10 – 09/01/10

His Idea of Charm was an unusual one he.
he was a man of enormous size with squinting eyes
set like bloated pearls in a red expanse….of flesh.
He held his left arm limply from the elbow as though it had
been mangled in a piece of farm/food machinery or deformed
by the constriction of an unnatural and long birth. In fact it seemed to function perfectly well
when he used it in the kitchen dealing with meat or flesh and the dangling
was just a mannerism he had cultivated in the belief that it added refinement to his appearance.

‘Untitled’ and ‘A Day at the Hay (wood)’


‘Legs Like Bambi’s Mother’

‘A Day at the Hay (wood)’


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